Medium is published by Quad Concepts Limited, trading as EBOSS (“EBOSS”) in Auckland, New Zealand.

Established in 2006, EBOSS partners with leading building product suppliers to assist in material selection by specifiers. Trusted by 30,000 architects, designers, builders, sub-trades, council planners and engineers, who subscribe to the EBOSS digital product library and publications, EBOSS regularly engage with members of New Zealand’s architectural, design and construction community.

Medium is the first book published by EBOSS. With strong connections into the design and supply chain, EBOSS has enabled Medium to include a wide range of industry solutions supporting author Guy Marriage’s thoughtful guidance across the key considerations and performance requirements of medium density housing design.

EBOSS also supports key industry initiatives including measuring the adoption of BIM technology and in recent times analysing the impacts of supply chain disruptions on the NZ construction industry.