About Medium

Medium: a technical design guide for creating better medium density housing in Aotearoa New Zealand is a print (2022) and online resource that offers best-practice guidance for the design and construction of medium density housing (MDH) in NZ, along with local case studies.

The author

Medium is authored by Guy Marriage. Learn more about Guy

The publisher

Medium is published by Quad Concepts Limited, trading as EBOSS (“EBOSS”) in Auckland, New Zealand. Learn more about EBOSS 

Print edition

The first print edition of Medium (2022) was printed in New Zealand by Blue Star Group.

A catalogue record for this book is available from the National Library of New Zealand. Kei te pātengi raraunga o Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa te whakarārangi o tēnei pukapuka.

ORCiD : 0000-0002-9794-5451
ISBN 9780473623517 Pbk


Medium is edited by Alice Masters and EBOSS. Special mention to Nancy Yin and Ashley Milne who worked tirelessly in coordinating and subediting the large contributions of technical summaries from industry partners. 

Illustrations and imagery

The illustrations throughout the first print edition of Medium (except for case study chapters) have been illustrated by Maddie Zwart, Leyland Rodrigo and Lauren Hayes, with Guy Marriage and Brittany Irvine.

Additional photos are credited to Patrick Reynolds, NZ Living, Paul McCredie and Simon Wilson. Case Study plans and drawings are courtesy of each architectural practice as noted.

Supplementary illustrations for the 2023 website update were illustrated by Amber Haussmann.

Identity and print layout 

Brittany Irvine (Senior Architectural Graduate, First Light Studios) is the lead designer of Medium responsible for its visual identity and layout.


Jonathan Allan (Head of Digital, EBOSS) and Tim Klein (Director, Dodat) are responsible for the online presence of Medium. The website uses a UI framework and components from CodyHouse.