Firstly, a huge thank you to our two illustrators Maddie Zwart and Leyland Rodrigo, who have done a wonderful job pulling the drawings together and making them into art. They were sponsored by EBOSS and by the Victoria University Summer Scholarship team – many thanks for the sponsorship.

Massive thanks also to Brittany Irvine, who not only crafted the design of this book, but also had a huge part in the illustrations.

A big thank you too to Alice Masters as Editor and slasher in chief.

And of course, thanks also to Matthew Duder and the great team from EBOSS who have cajoled me and pushed me into getting this book out in record time.

Last but definitely not least, a sincere thank you to the photographers and architects and developers who allowed us to feature their work, namely:

Patrick Reynolds (photos for Bernoulli Gardens and cover photo)
NZ Living (photos for 340 Onehunga)
Paul McCredie (photos for Altair)
Simon Wilson (photos for Latimer Terraces)
Martin King (Ockham)
Peter Lee (Ockham)
Rose Fox (Ockham)
Allan Wright (Architecture +)
Richard McGowan (Warren + Mahoney)
Shane Brealey (NZ Living)

Full thanks also go to:

And also thanks to all of the people from the product partners, especially:

Hannah Hopewell (Victoria University)
Lauren Hayes (First Light Studio)
Eli Nuttall (First Light Studio)
Patrick Arnold (E Cubed)
Peter Downey (HSCNZ)
Teena Hale Pennington (NZIA)
Duncan Joiner (DJA)
Robyn Phipps (Victoria University)
Stuart Niven
Anca Belu
Chris Butler (Auckland Design Manual)
David Turner (UniTec)
Pamela Bell (Project Bellbird)
Chris Speed (Dunning Thornton)
Alan Minty (MA)
Tony Burge (TBA)
James Fenton (JFA)
Sally Ogle (Patchwork)
Meret Gabra (Mace)
David Liddell (Colman)
Michael Davies (Studio Pacific)
James Wallace (Studio Pacific)
Shaun King (Marshall Day Acoustics)
Jonathan Hill (Kaizon)
Michael Nuth (BRANZ)
David Dowdell (BRANZ)
Michael Dixon (CrossFire)
Ron Green (Fire Group)
John Gardiner (Building Confidence)
Laurie Saegers (Rawlinsons)
Nancy Yin (EBOSS)
Ashley Milne (EBOSS)
Judith Lett (EBOSS)
Jonathan Allan (EBOSS)

Josh Hamilton (AFS)
David Waters (APL Window Solutions)
Adrian Seymour (Batten & Cradle)
Anna Carlton-Hurdley (The Brickery)
John Oliver (The Brickery)
Chris Booth (The Building Agency)
Jinny Kim (DriSpace)
Julia Hamilton (FutureBuild)
Marissa Belcaster (FutureBuild)
Jeremy van Diepen (FutureBuild)
Julie Sinclair (James Hardie)
Rob Mellor (Juralco)
Magdalena Krzyzynska (Knauf Insulation)
Ian Trust (KOROK)
Ryan McKenzie (Laminex)
Nigel Montgomery (Marley)
Shane Clark (Nuralite)
Jade Rouse-Bollee (Nuralite)
Glen Tasker (Nu-Wall)
Laura Clark (NZ Steel)
Sam Stenson (NZ Steel)
Allan Fullerton (Powerglide)
Thomas van Raamsdonk (Pro Clima NZ)
Sandra Stoklaskova (Pro Clima NZ)
Mike Olds (Resene Construction Systems)
Nick Molcisi (Rondo)
Sean Wu (Simpson Strong-Tie)
Jonathan Brooks (State of Clad)
Victoria Elvin (Steel & Tube)
Antony Hopper (Technoform)
Simon Hoyle (Ventüer)
Brendon Sutton (Viking Roofspec)
Gordon White (Winstone Wallboards)
Tim McDonald (Woodspan)
Jared Wilson (Woodspan)
Dennise Austin (XLam)



Guy Marriage
May 2022