Cross Laminated Timber



XLam Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels are structural timber panels made with layers of finger jointed radiata pine lamellas arranged at right angles to one another, laminated together with a moisture cured polyurethane glue applied to the face under pressure. The 90-degree cross lamination of alternate layers provides dimensional stability, strength, and rigidity.

XLam CLT panels can be manufactured to a maximum plan dimension of 15.7m and a width of 3.4m providing a two-way span with structural performance. Panel thickness depends on the intended load and span. The most common configurations have three, five or seven layers, with panel thicknesses between 90mm and 310mm.


XLam CLT panels are manufactured off-site and are suitable for use in mass timber and hybrid construction in the commercial, governmental and residential markets.

XLam has over 10 years of experience and a proven track record providing structural timber elements to the New Zealand market. XLam provide comprehensive guides, design and construction services, local sales, technical support and advice, and installation support.

XLam’s highly qualified engineering, architecture, project management, construction and technical teams will assist and support your project design team.

The most economical building outcome is reached when CLT is integrated at the conceptual stage. An early design consultation with XLam will optimise the performance of CLT, dealing with considerations such as economical panel sizes, orientation, tolerance for assembly, appearance, durability, buildability, and construction sequencing.

Given sufficient preliminary design information, XLam will provide an early estimate of likely CLT supply costs to facilitate project planning, including floor spans, loadings, anticipated bracing, and a general understanding of design requirements.


  • Safety: The prefabricated nature of mass timber has proven positive impacts on site safety for customers, reducing the number of processes to be performed on site, reducing headcount on site, and providing
    a safe approach to achieve rapid construction while reducing risk.
  • Sustainability: Low embodied energy, carbon sequestration, renewable, plantation timber. CLT is a renewable resource that sequesters carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and locks it in as carbon within a building providing a form of biophilic design.
  • Modular Construction: XLam CLT panels are manufactured off site and are suitable for mass timber and hybrid construction.
  • Durable & Strong: Due to high strength-to-weight ratios mass-timber performs well during earthquakes.
  • Local Expertise & Advice: XLam’s experienced in- house technical team works with clients and project partners to provide advice and support for design and engineering.
  • Lightweight: At 20% of the density of concrete, wood offers more density per area than any other construction material, allowing for taller vertical extensions and greater quantities of material on softer ground.
  • Efficiency: Incorporating prefabricated CLT typically reduces construction time and improves efficiency. Reducing time on site offers benefits for builders, developers and asset owners including; reducing capital and funding costs, achieving greater revenue and built-form turnover with the same labour resources, and improving project ROI.


XLam Cross Laminated Timber


3-layer CLT wall panels


5-layer CLT floor panels


Topping slab


Plasterboard to walls


External insulation to façade


Cladding to architect’s specification


Plasterboard ceiling & wiring void


Selected carpet on underlay

Technical Data Card

Refer to XLam details for complete system
EPD – S-P-02326
PEFC certified
Declare Red List Status – XLam CLT panels do not contain any chemicals present on the Living Building Challenge Red List
CodeMark Certificate No: CM70119 & NZBC- compliant
All CLT elements are treated as primary building structures requiring a 50 year durability life required by the NZBC

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