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Cemintel Territory is a pre-finished fibre cement cladding system that is designed and manufactured in Japan. The system is lightweight and fast to install, with no additional painting or finishing on site and reduced maintenance over the life of the product. The ability to mix different finishes provides the look of different cladding systems while offering a single set of detailing and sub-trades reducing complexity and risk.


  • Allows the use of different finishes to create the look of multiple cladding systems. This reduces detailing, sub-trades on site and the complexity of building envelopes.
  • Being pre-finished, Cemintel Territory doesn’t need additional finishing on site, reducing risk in build programs due to weather delays or sub-trade availability.
  • Panels can be installed horizontally and vertically as well as externally and internally, allowing more design freedom.
  • Lightweight panels don’t have any additional structural requirements for the building.
  • Can be used with any compliant building wrap or rigid air barrier depending on the needs of the builder/designer.
  • Large format panels allow fast installation.
  • The design of the panels allows for seismic movement which also makes them very suitable for off-site manufacturing and panelisation.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements reduce the total cost of
    ownership for homeowners.
  • Inter-storey flashing to break cavity can also be used with fire-rated cavity barriers vertically and intumescent cavity barriers horizontally, such as Siderise. Note: Inter-storey breaks are not required at every floor, but should be installed where the fire engineer requires.
  • When installing panels horizontally, breaks are required at least every 7m, but can be at each floor. This comes down to aesthetic priorities or other priorities such as using intumescent strips.

Standard details based on the AS/NZS 4284 are available in PDF, DWG and Revit formats from stateofclad.co.nz


  • The ability to use multiple finishes within the Cemintel Territory system gives the look of multiple cladding systems to meet design criteria, while using a single system reduces complexity in detailing and installation.
  • The CodeMark certificate for Territory is very broad in scope and includes the use on buildings with wind loads up to 5.0kPa, well above the usual limits of NZS 3604 Extra High.
  • There are no changes to the specification when using the system in sea spray Zone D.
  • The pre-finished nature of the product means cladding can be installed quickly and scaffolding removed from site faster with no weather delays, reducing build costs.
  • The low maintenance aspect of the cladding reduces ongoing costs for the homeowner due to reduced maintenance cycles. This is especially true for buildings two storeys or above where scaffolding would normally be needed to be installed every 5-10 years to re-paint or maintain claddings.

  • Cemintel TerritoryFacade 3D 01
  • Cemintel TerritoryFacade Plan 01

Cemintel® TerritoryTM Cladding System


Territory panel


Horizontal panel clip at maximum 600mm centres (shown at 450mm centres)


Horizontal panel clip flashing


Joint backing strip double flange – forms 10mm wide express joint


Building wrap or rigid air barrier


Stud framing (double studs at all vertical sheet joints)


Primer and colour matched sealant in required panel joints


Territory screw


Indicative intertenancy twin wall system


Indicative intertenancy floor system


Fire cavity barrier


Indicative foundation system


Indicative roof system


Indicative window system


Chosen window system


Territory double flanged back flashing


Territory single flanged back flashing


Coloured aluminium external corner trim with vertical spacers and nails @ 600mm max. vert. crs

Technical Data Card

Non-combustible ¹
N/A ²
N/A ³
15 years ⁴
CodeMark GM-CM30041


1. The Territory system is only one part/layer of a walling system that would make up an FFR tested wall assembly. Territory meets the requirements of a Type A Cladding, as per table 5.1 of C/AS1 and Table 5.5 of C/AS2, and is therefore classed as non- combustible. It can be used as part of a FFR system such as those provided by GIB®. Territory also has a full pass on the AS 5113 fire test standard, which is a more rigorous test standard than required in NZ.

2. No data or testing available for STC. The Territory system is only one part/layer of a walling system that would make up an STC tested wall assembly. The density of 1193 kg/m3 average has been enough information for sound engineers who are looking at noise transmission as part of building design, especially for buildings near arterial roads.

3. R-value is not applicable, as Cemintel Territory is installed over a drained and ventilated cavity which negates any R-value of the cladding, as the air temp in the cavity is the same as outside air.

4. 15 years standard warranty — Cemintel Territory is a durable and weathertight cladding system (not a rainscreen)

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