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EQUITONE High Density Fibre Cement Rainscreen System
The EQUITONE Rainscreen system is a high-density fibre cement board that is supported by a hidden aluminium rail system, presenting a seamless flat finished product. Being through- coloured, EQUITONE panels display the inner texture and colour of the core, which means there is no painted finish to maintain.

EQUITONE façade panels are non-combustible and can be transformed into any size or shape. The material can be perforated, and can even be engraved and printed.

  • Installed life expectancy of at least 50 years
  • Maximum panel size of 1250 x 3000mm
  • Tested according to NZS 2908 and have been used all over the world and in the most diverse climate zones
  • Specifically developed and tested 50mm cavity system
  • Concealed mechanical fix (Nvelope rainscreen support system) or visible colour matched stainless-steel and aluminium fixings
  • Easy to install with minimal components supported by comprehensive digital detail sets and design guides.

Siderise cavity battens effectively prevent the rapid spread of flame, gases and smoke on buildings and between tenancies, to meet requirements for use with drained and ventilated cladding systems.

Siderise allows any moisture to drain within the façade construction by maintaining airflow, and in the event of a fire it provides an effective hot smoke and fire seal, validated by large scale system testing (BS 8414 (1&2)). Consisting of a non-combustible stonewool core, the reinforced aluminium foil faces act as a primary seal with a reaction to fire performance to Class ‘A1’.

Siderise ‘Open State’ cavity barriers incorporate a continuous reactive intumescent strip which is bonded to the leading edge. In the event of exposure to fire, the intumescent rapidly expands and fully seals the purposely designed ventilation gap between the barrier and the rear of the cladding.


EQUITONE High Density Fibre Cement Rainscreen System
EQUITONE provides a long-lasting durable, high- performing architectural façade for medium density housing.

  • Low maintenance highly durable finish for buildings that are not easy to maintain
  • Tested for use on buildings with factored wind loads up to 3.0kPa (requires site-specific approval for higher wind loads)
  • Suitable for use in all environments, including sea spray zones
  • Independently assessed expected service life of 40 to 60 years
  • Non combustible façade; with T50 installation system and Siderise fire barriers, the full system can provide a fully tested façade (to BS8414 in accordance with BR135)


Siderise cavity barrier products have the following benefits for three to six storey construction as part of a performance cladding system:

  • Allows continuous ventilation and drainage behind the external envelope
  • Horizontal barriers can incorporate up to 50mm continuous ventilated air space
  • Vertical barriers accommodate cladding serviceability movement
  • Tested fire resistance and smoke seal, with fast intumescent reaction times
  • Accommodates façade movement
  • Site modifiable to ensure 100% correct fit at the time of install
  • Acoustic performance enhances room-to-room sound reduction

  • Equitone Kalsi Rigidbacker Exploded3D 01
  • Equitone Facade 3D 01



EQUITONE fibre cement panels (sized to suit)


T50 Bracket and Rail adjustable support system


Non-combustible rigid air barrier board


Structural substrate and insulation indicated

Technical Data Card

Non-combustible ¹
50 years
EPD Greenstar
CodeMark GM-CM30119


1. Equitone is naturally non-combustible and when combined with our T50 installation system and Siderise fire barriers the full system can provide a fully tested façade (to BS8414 in accordance with BR135).

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