Nu-Wall Weatherboard



Nu-Wall Aluminium weatherboard system on AliBat non-combustible cavity battens. The Nu-Wall weatherboard system is a New Zealand made, BRANZ appraised, extruded aluminium cladding system consisting of 22 board profiles and a selection of standard flashings.

A wide range of finish options are available and Nu-Wall offers a 100 year substrate and 20-25 year coating warranty, making it a very suitable system for MDH. The aluminium used to produce Nu-Wall is at least 90% recycled aluminium collected from New Zealand.


Nu-Wall offers both a non-combustible structural batten system as well as a traditional gauged thickness cavity batten system. Because the system is locally produced and not subject to the current international logistics backlog, the MDH project will not be held up awaiting cladding.

The completed wall system has BRANZ tested performance, watertightness (to 4.5KPa), high wind pressure (to 6.09KPa), non- combustible, seismic (72mm in P21 test).

Nuwall Types


  • The Nu-Wall system provides a selection of board profiles, that although visually different, are technically identical – all 10.8mm thick, all use same underlap/ overlap and all use the same flashing system.
  • This uniformity allows builders to develop a system familiarity regardless of profile.
  • Designers are also free to inter-mix profiles and colours to achieve unique appearances.
  • Boards can be supplied up to 8.3m lengths where long-run is desired.
  • Durable cladding system with low maintenance requirements (typically an annual wash) ideal for MDH projects.

  • Nuwall 3D for Guy 01
  • Nuwall Plan

Nu-Wall Weatherboard


Nu-Wall Aluminium Cladding; NC156 E200 Panels


Nuwall Alibat Structural Cavity Batten


Timber external wall structure with studs at 450 centres and nogs at 600 centres


Wall membranes




Plasterboard interior


Screw fixing through NC 203 Fixing Clip from Nu-Wall cladding to AliBat batten

Technical Data Card

15-50 years ¹
BRANZ Appraisal: 870 (2019) Vertical over cavity
BRANZ Appraisal: 550 (2019) Horizontal over cavity
BRANZ Appraisal: 556 (2019) Vertical direct fixed
NZS 4284 test
P21 Seismic test (BRANZ)
AliBat face load capacity test (BRANZ).


1. 15-50 years as per BRANZ Appraisal

2. Recycled aluminium manufacture process has been CEMARS appraised at 1.21kg CO /kg (vs 11.5Kg CO2 /kg international average).

3. Aluminium melts at 700°C

4. Aluminium is a thermal conductor, however the overall thermal rating is achieved by the rigid air barrier and insulation.

Under the hood

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