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INTELLO® is a humidity-variable airtightness and moisture control membrane that is placed on the inside of the external envelope, to restrict internal moisture from entering the building envelope and to provide airtightness. Comprised of a PP microfibre fleece over a PE copolymer membrane, it is airtight but resists water vapour. With joints sealed with TESCON® VANA adhesive tape, it forms an intelligent airtightness system (IAS). The in situ airtightness performance is tested by a Blower Door. This intelligent air barrier provides optimal protection against structural damage and mould, even in the event of unexpected moisture intrusion.

SOLITEX EXTASANA ADHERO® is a peel & stick building wrap/ underlay for the outside of the external envelope, which can be used over any substrate including but not limited to CLT, SIP, concrete, fibre cement, glass faced gypsum board, ply and OSB. Together with the INTELLO® on the inside, the SOLITEX EXTASANA ADHERO® provides a weather resistive barrier (WRB) to combat moisture ingress. Fully adhered to rigid substrates, SOLITEX EXTASANA ADHERO® provides protection to the building from wind, driving rain and other external sources of water, whilst allowing any internal moisture to escape through the vapour permeable, non-porous TEEE layer.


Construction details for pro clima INTELLO® Airtightness System, and the peel & stick SOLITEX EXTASANA ADHERO® roof and wall Weather Resistive Barrier System, are all available in the online pro clima Construction Details Library. There, everyone can access details for walls, roofs, windows, and many other types of construction methodologies, helping to save time during the design process and assuring correct installation on site.

Both systems are on EBOSS, Masterspec and Smartspec, and are also featured in the pro clima Technical Corner and Project Case Studies. There is an in-house Pro Clima New Zealand specification manager, together with an experienced team of pro clima representatives in all corners of New Zealand, ready to assist with all specification and design questions. Offices and staff are located in Wellington, Auckland, Whanganui, Christchurch, and Arrowtown, as well as other regional cities when the pro clima CUBE is in town.

  • Intello Solitex 3D BI V3 01
  • ProclimaSolatex SectionGM 01
  • Intello Solitex 3D BI V3 02

System Components


pro clima SOLITEX EXTASANA ADHERO® Wall Underlay - over rigid air barrier


pro clima INTELLO® Intelligent Air Barrier


pro clima KAFLEX / ROFLEX Grommet Penetration Seal


pro clima TESCON EXTORA® Weathertightness Sealing Tape


pro clima TESCON EXTOSEAL® Sill Tape


pro clima TESCON® VANA Multipurpose Sealing Tape


Timber framing indication


Cladding choice – aluminium cladding indicated here


GIB® plasterboard interior

Technical Data Card

180 days UV exposure ¹
INTELLO® — BRANZ Appraisal 1149 (2021)
INTELLO® — Certified Passive House System Component
INTELLO® — Sensitive Choice®
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