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The system is a lightweight timber construction fire and acoustic inter-tenancy flooring system. The floor system uses two layers of Strandfloor®, the first layer fixed to the timber or steel floor joists and the second layer fixed into wooden battens over a rubber cradle creating a floating floor (Batten & Cradle™). The system also offers solutions for timber joist, CLT and concrete slabs as an overlay in new and existing builds. The system is ideal for inter-tenancy floors in apartments, multi-unit residential, hotels, healthcare, retail, mixed use and office complexes.

Strandfloor® is a 20mm thick sheet with strands of wood pressed together under heat and pressure, that can also be treated to H3.1. Sheets can be specified as square edge or can include a polypropylene tongue for tongue & groove (T&G) fixing (T&G only used on the Batten & Cradle™ layer).


With the growth of medium to high density residential housing, there was a need for an alternative wood-based solution that would address the issue of midfloor acoustic noise in multi-level tenancy buildings.

  • Acoustic performance of STC 65 / IIC 56 meaning there is less noise in adjoining rooms/areas. The acoustic performance values are tested on a raw floor (no floor coverings). Improved acoustic performance is achieved with installation of floor coverings, refer to GIB® Noise Control Manual, GBDFA 60e
  • Fire performance of FRR 60/60/60 tested by BRANZ (Appraisal 394)
  • StrandfloorH3.1® provides a wet area solution
  • Concentrated load of 3.6kN and uniform distributed load of 4kPa (office and retail loadings as defined in AS/NZS 1170) providing concentrated or even weight distribution
  • Strandfloor® is lighter than comparable solutions
  • Strandfloor® & StrandfloorH3.1® engineered wood panels do not require specialist cutting equipment
  • Multiple sheet sizes available — 3600 x 1200mm and 2400 x 1200mm
  • Battens can be up to 190mm to allow for services in Batten & Cradle™ cavity – an advantage for CLT construction

Refer to website for further technical information and CAD files


  • The system is lighter than comparable solutions such as concrete & steel construction or fibre cement solution
  • Sheets are lighter and easier to handle
  • Easy to install, less complicated than other types of systems on the market
  • Does not require specialist cutting equipment, can cut on site with standard carpentry tools, no silica dust management on site required if compared with fibre cement solution
  • Lightweight timber frame construction has advantages over heavier systems in certain ground conditions
  • To future proof installations during renovation work, acoustic performance can be achieved with no reliance on carpet or acoustic underlay, especially if hardwood flooring or tiles are used

  • 8B Laminex Strandfloor 3D
  • 8B Laminex Strandfloor Section

Laminex™️ Strandfloor® Flooring System


20mm Strandfloor®, fixing centres 150mm-200mm along structural floor battens


20mm Strandfloor®, fixing centres 150mm-200mm along flooring joists


8mm clearance gap from fixed objects


hyJOIST® timber I-beam, HJ240 45


Fibrous insulation, 50mm


Batten & Cradle™️ Acoustic Cradles


Stud frame wall


Fibrous insulation, 75mm


GIB® Rondo® direct fixed ceiling system with Quiet Clip


2 layers of 13mm GIB® plasterboard suspended below floor system


Rigid air barrier with building wrap


Drained & ventilated cavity


Fire cavity barrier


Chosen cladding system


Indicative foudation system




Indicative intertenancy twin wall system

Technical Data Card

60/60/60 as full system
BRANZ Appraisal 394 (2017)
Strandfloor — Declare Red List Free
Strandfloor — CodeMark BRANZ-CM-1003
StrandfloorH3.1 — CodeMark BRANZ- CM-1004
Strandfloor & StrandfloorH3.1 — FSC Certified

Under the hood

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