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COLORSTEEL Dridex® is an innovative roof and wall cladding system that delivers superior condensation absorption and allows for enhanced ventilation of the roof cavity. COLORSTEEL Dridex® combines the proven performance of COLORSTEEL® with an absorbent non-woven fleece material that’s bonded to the underside of the steel sheet. This clever condensation and ventilation management system works by holding moisture when the cavity space reaches dew point and releasing it back to the atmosphere when ambient conditions improve — helping to create warmer, drier and healthier homes. COLORSTEEL Dridex® replaces the need to use traditional roofing underlay, which creates opportunities to install in more weather conditions and speeds up the installation process.


The use of COLORSTEEL Dridex® will reduce the chance of excessive moisture build-up and condensation run-off. When tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4201.6, COLORSTEEL Dridex® had an absorbency of 349g/m², nearly twice the requirement for underlays detailed in NZS 2295.

Tests conducted on a straight gable roof reported that using COLORSTEEL Dridex® increased the calculated effective free vent area by 133%. This approximately doubled the air flow rates through the roof envelope. By delivering superior condensation absorption and enhanced ventilation, COLORSTEEL Dridex® creates drier and healthier internal environments. This leads to the reduction of mould and pollutants. COLORSTEEL Dridex® is Sensitive Choice approved.

With no need to lay separate underlay, installation can occur in a wider range of weather conditions and enclosure can be achieved much earlier. COLORSTEEL Dridex® offers an entire cladding solution (suitable for use in both roof and wall cladding applications) that ultimately results in warmer, drier, healthier buildings.


COLORSTEEL Dridex® enhances natural ventilation of the ceiling cavity without the need for bulky or costly design additions.

There are several designs (and installation) resources that can be utilised to simplify the design process including a Design Guide, Installation Guide, COLORSTEEL Dridex® training video, CAD details, and a dedicated technical team.

COLORSTEEL Dridex® was introduced to the New Zealand market for use in 2017. Numerous trials and tests (internally and externally e.g. BRANZ) were completed over a five year period to ensure the performance would exceed the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and be suitable for our unique New Zealand conditions. COLORSTEEL Dridex® is backed by a NZ Steel warranty. It is also supported by CodeMark certification and product technical statements to make compliance easier.

Dridex Roof Profiles 01

COLORSTEEL Dridex® Roofing System

Absorbent Dridex® Fleece Technology bonded to underside of COLORSTEEL®

Dridex Roof Profiles 05

Corrugated Profile

Dridex Roof Profiles 03

Trapezoidal Profile


Dridex Roof Profiles 02

Trapezoidal Profile


Dridex Roof Profiles 04

Approved Trough Profiles

(Secret fix)

Note: no visible fixings on top - all fixings secret fix clip from below

Technical Data Card

Group 1-S
Refer to footnotes¹
CodeMark Certificate of Conformity (CM70050)
ECNZ Licence: EC-57-16 (Licence No. 5717145)
Sensitive Choice approved
A warranty of up to 30 years is available for Dridex®


1. Endura® Dridex® is a Type 4 product. Maxx® Dridex® is a Type 6 product as per AS/NZS 2728.

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