Nurajack Deck Pedestal



The Nurajack is a fully adjustable plastic pedestal system capable of supporting timber, composite decking or stone/tile pavers. Designed and manufactured in Europe, the Nurajack has a large, stable base which can support up to 1000kg. They also feature a self-leveling bi-component head to minimise footfall noise and ensure no point-loading of the membrane.

The Nurajacks are installed after the waterproofing is complete. Fully compatible with the Nuralite range of roof membranes, Nurajacks are part of the comprehensive Nuralite system warranty.


All membrane decks are potential leak points and need to be treated with care, especially when involving MDH projects. Access to the membrane for cleaning and maintenance must be retained at all times. A removable deck on adjustable roof jacks is the best way to do this. There is no adhesive fixing nor any physical screwing through the membrane to secure the jacks.

The full range of Nurajack sizes available start from Nurajack Star.T (8-15mm) right up to the Nurajack SE14 (365-550mm).


  • Full adjustability up to 550mm deep roof decks.
  • Above deck height adjustment feature — when installed, the Nurajack height can be adjusted from above the completed deck with a Nurajack
    adjustment key without the need to remove any tiles.
  • Tiles and pavers installed on the Nurajack system are not grouted into place, so do not conflict with any of the rainwater flow between jacks.
  • Self-levelling head can adjust up to 5%, allowing falls on the base substrate of up to 5% ensuring no point-loading of the membrane.

  • Nurajack RoofDeck 3D 01
  • Nurajack Section Concrete 01

Nurajack System


Nurajack 200mm SE6 jack


Nuraply 3PM roof membrane


40mm pavers


Warm roof PIR insulation


Roof flashing to external wall and membrane


Concrete substrate and wall indication

Technical Data Card

Class E ¹
20 year durability


1. FRR = UNI EN 13501-1:2009 class E

Under the hood

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