Nuratherm Warm Roof Membrane System



The Nuratherm Warm Roof system is constructed with the principal thermal insulation layer (Enertherm PIR insulation board) placed above the structural deck and immediately below the Nuraply waterproofing membrane. Locating the insulation above the structural deck is desirable, as the insulation is a continuous plane and the R-value of the insulation product is therefore achieved and maintained. PIR board is screw-fixed to substrate through the aluminium faced vapour blocker. The structure and substrate is protected from thermal extremes and will remain stable and last longer.


The Nuratherm Warm Roof system can be installed on plywood, concrete, or metal substrates, on new or existing buildings and on flat roofs with minimal falls as low as 1:80. The Nuratherm Warm Roof system is an energy-efficient, cost-effective roofing solution suited to medium density housing. As it provides a high R-value and consistent thermal layer, the system’s thermal performance saves money and energy. The acoustic properties reduce sound and dampen external noise. The system is CodeMark certified with 1:80 falls, meaning there is more flexibility for height to boundary. There are options to overlay the membrane system as well and with its ease of install it can be reroofed without occupants being affected.


The Nuratherm Warm Roof system provides a robust waterproofing solution with optimum energy efficiency. Higher standards demanded by consumers and specifiers require a complete rethink of how buildings are constructed. Cold, vented roofing is ineffective as it allows heat to escape and condensation to form. The Nuratherm system is an ideal option for living areas. A Nuratherm Roof can be used on net zero energy projects or medium density housing as it is the most energy-efficient way to construct a flat roof, providing continuous insulation with no airflow or thermal bridging.

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Nuralite Nuratherm Warm Roof


Nuraply 3PM torch bonded 4mm thick capsheet


Nuraply 3PV-SA self adhered 3mm thick base sheet


Thermally broken mechanical fixings


Enertherm PIR insulation 100mm, R-4.5


0.6mm aluminium faced vapour blocker


Dimond NPM 900 metal tray substrate

Technical Data Card

Class E ¹
37 ²
4.5 ³
20 years ⁴
CodeMark Certification CM70032
BRANZ Appraisal 732 (2019) Nuratherm Insulating Roofing System


1. According to EN 13501 part 1. Totally non- combustible.

2. Overall rating is STC 37 (Rw 36dB). Rainfall - an artificial rainfall rate off 112mm/hr the roof produces a noise level LIAM norm of 50dB.

3. Lambda value according EN 13165 = 0,022 W/ mK. Enertherm PIR 100mm R 4.5

4. 20 year warranty. Water resistant and low moisture transfer due to high density product

Under the hood

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