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Update March 2023

To augment the industry solutions in the 2022 book edition of Medium, the following products on now have supplementary detailed drawings available.

  Solution Brought to you by
8B Flat sheet flooring system Strandfloor®
8C Parallel laminated timber (PLT) Woodspan® PLT Panels Flooring System
8E Metal deck for concrete floors ComFlor® Steel Composite Flooring System
8F Suspended ceiling system Rondo® Internal Wall and Ceiling Framing Systems
9A Plasterboard GIB Barrierline® and GIB® Fire Rated Systems
9B Permanent formwork concrete walls AFS LogicWall
9C Autoclaved aerated concrete INTEGRA Central Barrier Intertenancy System
9D Concrete-steel interlocking panels KOROK® Fire and Acoustic Wall System
10E Rigid air barrier GIB Weatherline®
10F External insulation Outright Continuous + Technoform
10I Fibre cement cladding Cemintel Territory
10J Clay brick veneer The Brickery