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TerrealÔÇÖs Breeze┬« is a low cost, extra slim (16mm) double skin rainscreen clay tile used globally as a durable, low maintenance cladding for medium and high density residential buildings. Breeze┬« tiles are produced in one size (300 x 600mm) and are installed with overlapping horizontal joints and gasket sealed vertical joints. The smaller, single module size makes the system more cost-effective and easier to install than larger, heavier terracotta tile systems.

The system is comprised of extruded clay tiles supported on clips, fixed back by an aluminium rail and bracket system which, in turn, is fixed to the supporting structural wall. Breeze® is attached by clips attached to T-shape aluminium profiles that fix into supporting brackets allowing cavity depths of 50mm+.


  • Suitable for use on new multi-level residential and commercial exterior fa├žades.
  • Where insulation is to be incorporated into the cavity (typically masonry walls).
  • All environments including coastal spray and geothermal zones, and earthquake prone areas.
  • Approved and tested for use on buildings with factored wind loads up to 2.38kPa ULS wind pressure. For higher wind loads a site-specific approval will be required.
  • The Breeze┬« system is typically installed over a SOLITEX EXTASANA ADHERO┬« weather resistive barrier, which provides a water resistant but vapour open membrane to protect the building structure. This can be used with or without or backer board compliant with Table 23 of NZBC/E2:2011 and NZS 3604:2011.
  • Breeze┬« tiles are installed onto The Building AgencyÔÇÖs T series rail system, with cavity depths of 50-600mm possible.


  • Breeze┬« Tiles are made from 100% natural material, and are recyclable.
  • Terracotta is a long-lasting cladding material with extremely low maintenance, making it a wise choice for multi-storey dwelling projects.
  • Breeze┬« is a very slim range (just 16mm thick) and yet has a double skin construction so that water ingress drains away from the ventilated cavity.
  • With high thermal inertia, terracotta tiles help regulate the temperature of the building behind.
  • Panels are available with ventilation grills moulded into the terracotta itself, so that ventilation exhausts can be coordinated with the fa├žade.
  • Terreal Terracotta Breeze┬« series comes in a variety of natural hues, such as Sand, Coffee Brown, Champagne, Storm-Grey, Red, and Red-Orange. Other Terreal terracotta styles are available for alternative design options.
  • Each colour can come as two textures ÔÇö either smooth or grooved
  • Breeze┬« standard panel module is 300 x 600mm, and both textures and colours can be readily intermixed if desired for special effects, both subtle or bold.

Terreal BreezeFacade 3D 01

Terreal Breeze® Rainscreen Cladding System


Breeze® terracotta panels


Vertical T-shaped aluminium profile


EDPM damping gasket


Fixing clips fastened with 2 self tapping stainless steel screws


Standard supporting brackets


Terreal CooLMaxÔäó´ŞĆ reflective insulation

Technical Data Card

Non-combustible ┬╣
Refer to footnote ┬▓
50 years


1. 30, 60, 90 or 120 possible

2. Deadens sound

Under the hood

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